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Frida ThomsenHoimei LinMegan Kearney, Yejoo Kwon, and Huy A. Tran

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COSTCO, a multi–billion–dollar global warehouse club, is thirsty for more diverse consumers, especially today’s younger crowd. In studying the generation of millennials’ habits and behaviors, their in house brand Kirkland Signature was redesigned with an efficient, modern and clean look to focus on environmental awareness, and to make it up–to–date with the latest trends of healthy products and lifestyle.

As most of the millennials today live an active lifestyle with super foods and daily products that contain no artificial colors or flavors, our goal was to highlight these special and unique categories to win over their trust with strong package design, and a promise that our products are all natural and organic. Furthermore, additional stand–alone brands were created to effectively grab this newly targeted audience’s attention, while at the same time, keeping the company’s current customers.